Friday, April 18, 2008

Chook update

The chook survived the dog attack and she has started laying again.

The dynamics in the chook shed has really changed since we lost two of the girls. The two chooks killed in the dog attack were the new ones that arrived with the rooster. Now that they have passed (as John Edwards would say) the other chooks have accepted the rooster.

The rooster hasn't started to crow yet.

The cows are doing well. Now that we have two, does that mean we have cattle?

As for the vegie patch- it is a little neglected. I picked the last cucumber last week and apart from that, the only thing coming out of there at the moment is marigolds.

I made some yogurt last night, but haven't baked a loaf of bread for weeks. I have been pretty busy with my job and business. I am also doing some post-grad study- I so wish I had not thrown myself into that- thank god for my house-dad.

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Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Gorgeous blog! Sorry about the chooks - I lost three chooks to a fox by not locking them up one night (I'd given birth the week before), but also lost two chooks to a dog during daylight hours, so don't beat yourselves up about leaving them out after dark.

Your hens will be much safer during the day with the rooster there to look out for them, once he finds his feet!