Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whole food experience.

Three days ago, inspired by Michael Pollan's book "In Defense of Food," my partner and I decided to adopt a more rigorous whole food diet for our family.
The main changes so far have been switching from Basmati rice to brown rice and from white pasta to wholegrain. The pasta has been no problem so far with the children. We have not tried the rice yet.
We have always eaten wholegrain bread so that is not an issue.
The other thing we are altering is the balance of grains to vegetables. The children love grains and so do we. I think we eat too many of them. I know I definitely do (but I eat too much of everything:) ).
So the trick will be to eat more leafy vegetables and salads. The children already eat a lot of fruit, so we don't need to make any changes there.
We have long used butter and whole fat milk, often fresh from our neighbors cow. So there are no changes required there.
Michael Pollan talks about the symbiotic relationship between people and food, and by growing food we are putting ourselves back into the food chain. The ideas in the book are not really new to me, but the way he has woven it all together as a philosophy of food, was inspiring.
We have good reasons to try and introduce this way of eating into our family.I am overweight and I suspect highly sensitive to refined grains. Diabetes runs in my family- my mother has mature age onset. Although it is not in my partners family, our children are still at risk. But of course, this risk can be reduced by diet and exercise.
I have been working in the garden a lot, the garlic, leeks and onions are thriving. I have made a greenhouse out of an old swing set and some shade cloth and I am raising seeds in it. Really looking forward to spring planting.

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