Saturday, August 9, 2008

नेवर वर्क विथ अनिमल्स और चिल्ड्रेन

I have no idea why the title of this blog is in Hindi-

Today I am being driven mad by animals and children. Brandy has been bellowing in her paddock since sun rise, and it really begins to get on your nerves after four to five house. The problem seems to be she is on heat again.

Somehow the children picked up on the cow-vibe and have all been doing their own versions of the cow-bellow, that is: the tantrum. The chooks won't stay out of the house or the veggie patch, the cats keep lying on top of my seedling trays and squashing the seedlings. I just found a chook laying an egg our bed. The only animals that are doing what they are supposed to are the worms.

Trying to be semi-self-sufficient is mostly satisfying, but some days it is a real pain in the arse.


Jen said...

It's good to hear your blog voice again, even though it is moaning on... So, put us out of our misery, what does the hindi say - where have all the fucking flowers gone?

knottygal said...

The Hindi is a transliteration of "ever work with animals and children"

I am from India! We dont get wool here! Found that you ship free for a minimum purchase of 4 balls! nice to see online yarn shops doing that! Keep up the good work!