Sunday, November 4, 2007

HOUSE COW Does A Runner

One of the things Bill said in our 'discussion' about getting a house cow was: You will spend half your life trying to find her when she gets out.

Today Brandy did a runner~ Our neighbour's cows came down to the bottom paddock and Brandy started mooing at them and they started mooing back at her. And I did wonder if she might try and get out, but then forgot about it.

It was when I was about to go out that I discovered her gone. She got through our fence and the neighbours and was hanging out with a heard of beef cattle.

I mistakenly thought one was a bull so I was too scared to go in and try and get her. And I had no idea how to separate her from her new found friends.

Thankfully my neighbour Paul offered to help. We drove round the back and up to the top of the paddock and some home he managed to corner her and get her away from the rest of the heard. We then got her through the gate and back into our place.

I didn't realise cows were so social. Another neighbour who came around today said, "she is going to give you so much trouble unless you get her a companion." I don't think I can convince Bill that two cows will be easier than one.

When we got her back she was covered in ticks- which is disappointing because I back lined her with essential oils yesterday for ticks.

The vegie patch is doing well.

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