Sunday, November 18, 2007

HOUSE COW breaks into veggie patch.

Brandy broke into the veggie patch today. She just walked right through the chicken wire fence and started eating. I had fed her some carrots from the garden that had gone to seed, which must have alerted her to the possibilities of the veggie patch.

It was really hard to chase her out, she kept trying to hide behind the corn.

Apart from that, she is doing really well and I feel like she is starting to understand that I am the boss. She hasn't tried to headbutt me for a few days.

We have started buying raw milk from our neighbours which has really got us looking forward to when Brandy starts producing milk.

She is a rather small jersey and we have been advised by our neighbour Hairy to get her artificially inseminated the first few times so that we can select a small breeding line. Otherwise he thinks she will have trouble birthing.

Hairy also said I shouldn't be giving her mollasses everyday because it is sugar and will make her hyperactive- I guess that makes sense.

I'm really loving having her here. She is always hanging around the veggie patch when i am in it.

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