Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HOUSE COW is wormed with garlic

In the book The Healthy House Cow, cow-guru Marja says cows can be wormed for intestinal parasites using two full bulbs of garlic, once per month. She suggested crushing them with the skins on.

So, I just broke up two large bulbs of garlic into a couple of dozen small bulbs and smashed them up with the hammer. I mixed in some molasses and mulberry leave.

Brandy was very interested in the licking the molasses and eating the mulberry leaves and was trying to avoid actually eating any garlic.

I think I will have to mince it up smaller and try again.

Cow-guru also says the mulberry leaves are good for worms too. Brandy has striped the bottom branches of our mulberry bush. I have been going out into the yard and bending down the branches so she can reach the leaves. I think she loves me all the more for it.

I have also begun to feel a little less intimidated by her.

And I have been checking under her tail every morning for ticks. She doesnt really like me doing it, so I feel a little anxious about it. Im also trying to spend more time around her backside in general (sounds great doesn't it) and coming in to touch her udder from behind rather than just the side. I am trying to get he used to me touching her everywhere so that she is co-operative when it comes time for hand-milking.

Bill and I have been pulling ticks off her every morning.

I found this information about ticks on a government website:

usually affects cattle 18–36 months old;
very high risk with rain after drought — tick numbers are very low after long droughts and cattle growing up without being exposed are likely to be highly susceptible;
stress and pregnancy increase susceptibility; and
bulls are more susceptible than other cattle.

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