Friday, November 23, 2007

HOUSE COW bloated

Well, Brandy is doing well but I am worried about her being bloated. On her right side she is a little bloated. I cut back her food and it has gone down a little bit but not entirely, so I am wondering what is going on.

I lent my very detailed cow book to a neighbour- ug. And the same neighbour told me that one of his beef cattle was killed last night by four dingos. He said he has lost three cows to the dingos and he is going to put bait out for them.

Brandy is still wanting to play/ kill me with her horns, so I have taken to walking around the yard with a big stick so that when she charges me I can makes noises and wave the stick at her, which seems to work. Hairy says I need to clip the tips of her horns off with bolt cutters so she can't do too much damage- the thought of it makes me want to puke!

Hairy also says they settle down after they calf- I hope so.

Karina, my freind who milks, told me about getting charged at, while heavily pregnant, by one of her calves with sharp horns . She said, "you just can't trust them."

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