Saturday, November 10, 2007

House Cow Turns Mean

Brandy tried to give me the horn this morning while I was giving her, her morning bucket. She seemed a bit jittery and wasn't happy with me ticking her. All this made me feel nervous that I was going to really cop a horn in the back or groin. So I didn't tick her and backed off. Which I think has made matters worse. I put the halter on her and lead her around to the front gate and tied her up to the fence. She wouldn't walk on the lead with me beside her, so I had to let her follow me- which she does anyway without a lead

I will leave her tied up for an hour or so to continue getting her used to it. I called my neighbour Hairy to come over and give me some pointers on handling her. He has a few milking cows and has knows how to show then who is boss.

I sense I am at an important junction in my relationship with Brandy. I think she is testing me to see who is boss, and this morning it was definately her. She is only 12 months, but already her size is so intimidating.

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