Monday, November 5, 2007

HOUSE COW's Morning Routine

This morning I went and bought a grooming brush for Brandy while Bill fixed the fence. My friend Karina who lives up the road has a house cow and she suggested I have a morning routine with Brandy. Feeding and grooming her at the same time every day- at the time that in future I will be milking her.
So this morning I chopped up some lucerine, calf muesli and this other pellet type thing, that Bill got at the rural supplies store, put it in a bucket and went out to the paddock and while she ate I groomed her. When she was finished she followed me back to the house and licked my hand. This is the first time Brandy has initiated physical contact with me, agh, it was a truly beautiful moment.
And the other amazing thing that happened today was I discovered potatoes in our veggie patch. Bill had chucked a few old rotten potatoes onto a garden bed. I saw something growing there and thought the leaves looked like potato. I noticed today that the leaves were dying back to I decided to have a dig around and pulled out six new potatoes- we will be having baked potatoes for with dinner tonight.

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